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Retaining Walls

more than 20 years of experience

What better way to add character and scenery to a sloped surface than to add a retaining wall as a focal point or add several tiered walls even to create a beautifully shaped landscape design. Our experts are ready to sit down with you and make your design concept into reality.

A few of the benefits of retaining walls:

  • Flood prevention.
  • Erosion prevention.
  • Helps create an aesthetically clean topography.
  • Creates easier maintenance solutions for the area.

Whether your retaining wall will serve for aesthetic purposes or soil retention, it can create a unique enhancement for your yard or patio area. The experts at Chesterfield Lawns & Landscapes have had wonderful experiences with turning what some would see as “just a wall” into a beautiful decorative feature to compliment your existing outdoor living space.

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