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Seed Choice

Making sure that you have a good seed blend is important. The seed that we use is a specific blend from our suppliers that mixed for the Richmond Virginia area. It is fescue blend which allows for different species of fescue grass to grow ensuring that your lawn will have the best chance for staying green no matter the conditions of shade/sun or wet/dry. This is a tested blend of seed by the DOT which does best in Virginia.

We also make sure that the seed we use is not been stored for a long period of time and that it is within the expiration date. Testing for seed germination is also important. These are all things done by our supplier to ensure we are using a great product.


Overseeding or reseeding your lawn is a regular maintenance for keeping a great looking lawn. When we overseed your lawn we do it in two passes, opposite directions, to prevent striping from seeding being missed in one pass. Our process is to use approximately 4lbs of seed per 1000 sq feet for established lawns. If there is a request, we can overseed twice the amount for lawns that need more attention for the cost of just the seed. If you would like to read about the seed we purchase check it out here.

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