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Leaf Removal

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Waiting until the last leaf has fallen to remove the leaves will leave the lawn less than attractive lawn for months until the spring when it will likely need aeration and overseeding since all the grass has died under the weight of the wet leaves. Removing the leaves is also a high cost for labor and disposal fees. In addition, when removing the leaves it messes up a great opportunity to enhance the lawn with natural ingredients. So we have created a leaf management service where we manage leaves and not just remove them. See more scientific explanation of why on our blog here.

The way it works is every two weeks our crew will service the property by cleaning out any areas that are not the lawn of leaves and moving them to the lawn. Then we mulch the leaves with our specially equipped mowers that mulch the leaves into small pieces. This provides a food for the lawn during the winter through composting the leaves. Generally this is less expensive and it keeps the property looking great the entire fall.

This is a before picture with the entire season of leaves.  We did this as an experiment to show the results.  By coming out on a 2-3 week basis four time during the season you will have much better results.  As you can see in the image the leaves are blown away from the house to ensure that all the leaves are cleaned up from the property.

This is the after picture. We only went over it three times and you can see that there is not a lot of build up for the leave debris. There will be small clippings of the leaves but they break down and help the soil health by adding back nutrients. This combined with leaving grass clipping on the turf will create a compost effect that greatly adds to the appearance of your lawn over time.

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