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When you contact Chesterfield Lawn Services, LLC for aeration and overseeding during the spring or fall.

  • Instructions prior to the service date given for you to complete. For an additional charge we can do the pre-service checklist for you.
  • i.e. flagging irrigation heads and set your irrigation for after the seeding).
  • Core Aeration and Overseeding with plugs, not spikes
  • Checklist for after service is completed with instruction to get the best results from the aeration and overseeding.


Core Aeration vs Spikes

We use core aeration which removes a core of the lawn allowing for the soil to decompress, moisture/oxygen to enter the soil, and for seed to fall into the newly created hole presenting an optimal germination condition. We do two passes over the lawn to ensure that the entire lawn is aerated and no spots are missed due to a wider pass of the aerator.

When spikes are used they compact the soil more in those spots. Yes they create a hole, but the soil is compacted around the hole causing more issues than if the aeration was not completed in the first place. You want the soil to expand for roots to grow, spikes push the soil closer together to make the hole.


Aeration Timing

Aeration and overseeding should be done once a year for established lawns in the late summer early fall (Aug 15-Sept 15) is the best time to complete this service. This allows time for the seeds to germinate, grow roots, and start to get mature before it goes dormant for the winter. Although not prefered timing we offer aeration and overseeding through Oct 31 each year.

The other time is in the spring for lawns that need extra help. Although you can aerate and overseed any time as long as you follow the instructions given after the service is completed.

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